Dow Jones Mini Forecast (Daily) and Trade Signal

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Dow Jones Mini Forecast (Daily) and Trade Signal

Dow Jones (DJI) seems to be finding support around the current price level. A couple of Dojis have formed at the bottom and yesterday’s closing also suggests a recovery period. The Dow Jones Mini, intraday support levels are at 30426 and 30107. The near-term resistance areas are at 31503 and 31822. Despite some recovery signs, the overall trend remains bearish, and bulls require an intraday closing above 30720 to continue with the bullish momentum.

Dow Jones Mini Technical Analysis (Daily)

The Stochastic, Bollinger Bands (BB), and Relative Strength Index (RSI) have turned neutral from bearish. The Average True Range (ATR) indicates high volatility while the MACD remains below the zero line. The DJ Mini current quote is below the 20, 50, and 100-period moving averages.


Bollinger Bands




Neutral (25)

Neutral (30,752)

509 (Volatility up)

Below Zero line (-449)

36 (Neutral)

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Dow Jones Mini Key Support and Resistance Today

S 1

S 2

S 3

R 1

R 2

R 3







The S1 (30246) is the first strong support level. A breach below this will help bears extend the downside.

Dow Jones Mini Pivot Points

1 hour

4 hours









Dow Jones Mini Trading Ranges

Daily Trading Range: 30,596 – 30,806
Weekly Trading Range: 30,486 – 31,184
Monthly Trading Range: 30,486 – 32,696
DJ Mini Yearly Trading Range: 29,669 – 36,970

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Dow Jones Mini Trade Signal 21-SEP-2022

The fact that the majority of the technical indicators have turned from bearish to neutral favors the bullish bias. The FXDatapanel proprietary algorithm also suggests a modest recovery in the Dow Jones index, which makes the pair ideal for buying entries using the following levels.

DJ Mini Signal Direction: Buy

Signal Timeframe: Daily

Signal Strength Level: Normal

Entry: 30471

Stop-loss: 30271

Take Profit: 30671

DJ Mini Upcoming Levels to Monitor

The 31124 is a strong resistance level; only a sustained price action will enable bulls to challenge this area. On the downside, an intraday closing below 30530 will further strengthen the bears, and the possibility of a more significant drop will be higher.

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