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About FX Data Panel

FXDatapanel is the first and only Forex Trading Signals Platform. It is the product of renowned Financial Technology (Fintech) Company Finscientist. Fxdatapanel provides high-quality trade signal services to retail traders, financial advisors, institutional traders, and Forex Brokers.

Trade signals have gained massive popularity in recent times. Forex Traders use the signals to reduce the burden of manually evaluating the Forex market for trading opportunities. The signal service is popular with both novice and expert traders, and it brings the opportunity to profit from the financial market.

The FXDatapanel signals platform is the culmination of years of preparation and the combined experience of industry professionals who have spent years trading Forex and other financial markets.

We have used proven and tested trading strategies and a complete risk management system to assist retail and institutional investors. Contrary to other signal providers, we have not only used the technical tools but also included the market's fundamentals for generating the signals. That is why the success rate of our trade signals is well above 78%.

About FX Data Panel

How FXDatapanel Is Different From Other Signal Providers?

Most of the available trade signal services have a limited scope. The signal providers offer the same trade signals to retail and corporate traders, but both have different requirements. The traditional signal providers do not utilize proper risk management techniques and lack market analysis skills.

Their signal delivery is also a problem, as you may receive the signals at a time when you cannot operate. As a trader, you want signals based on your trading style, risk appetite, and investment size. You may want to trade for the long term, or perhaps you wish to be a day trader. 


But the signals you get do not specify anything, and you have no choice but to execute those signals. The Fxdatapanel platform solves this problem by allowing you to create the trade signals based on your trading style, risk approach, investment duration, and available equity.

Custom Trade Signals

Generate Custom Trade Signals With High Accuracy Rate

You can create three types of trade signals using the Fxdatapanel platform: Grid Signals, Straight Signals, and Long terms signals. Grid signals come with four precise entries and take profit levels at set intervals and an aggregated stop-loss. The straight signals contain just one entry and exit level. While long-term signals help traders find relatively long-term opportunities in the financial markets.

The platform uses its proprietary algorithm and proven risk management strategies with your trade requirements to generate Forex trade signals. The ability to generate trade signals based on your requirements makes Fxdatapanel an ideal signal platform that stands tall among its competitors.