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Long Term Trade Signals

At Fxdatapanel, we understand that every trader has a different need, so we have developed our platform to serve everyone. These are the third type of signals available on the Fxdatapanel platform. These signals are the extension of the grid trading signal, but in contrast to short-term signals, these signals are for long-term investing purposes. The Long term trade signals contain a set of four trade recommendations with different entry levels, take profits, and a combined stop-loss. The trade duration of a long term trade signal usually spans over a few weeks to a couple of quarters. 

Institutional Trade Signals

Long term trading signals are ideal for fund managers with a multi-asset portfolio. These signals are also suitable for individual long term traders looking to profit from long term investments. The Fxdatapanel platform makes it overly simple to identify and generate these signals within a few clicks. Unlike the Grid and Straight signals, you don't have to change signal parameters. The platform does everything for you, including risk management. You just have to place the pending orders and wait for the execution. 

The system performs risk management using our proprietary algorithm and highly successful trading strategies known for long term investments. The entire process to generate long term Forex, commodities, and indices trade signals makes these signals highly useful to institutional investors. 


Institutional Trade Signals