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  • Individual Traders

    Individual Traders

    At Fxdatapanel, we understand individual traders' needs and have designed our platform to fulfill their requirements. Most retail trade signals subscriptions offer only the entry and exit levels, and they do not carry a healthy success rate. You never get to know the rationale behind the trade signal. You largely remain unaware of the strategy or the tools used for generating the signal. You cannot even determine whether the service provider has used any risk management strategy. Most of the time, the signals do not match your trading style, and you receive the signal at the time when you are unable to act. You may want to use the signals for day trading, or you may wish to use specific signals for long-term trading, but all the signals you get are the same.

    The Fxdatapanel signals platform solves all these issues. You can generate day trading or long-term trade signals. You can define your risk level and select the signal and trend timeframe. You can generate grid signals to strategically place your trades across different levels, or you can generate a straight signal for a single trade. All these options give you the power to trade whenever you want and according to your trading style, equity, and risk appetite.

  • Financial Advisors

    Financial Advisors

    Financial advisors, investment consultants, and portfolio managers have the most challenging job of managing clients' investments. Their job is genuinely demanding and requires enormous time to analyze and find market opportunities. It is especially difficult with a multi-asset portfolio. The Fxdatapanel platform makes it easy for financial advisors to analyze the financial market and identify profitable trading opportunities, especially from the currency market within a few clicks. It helps to reduce the workload and adds more value to the investment portfolio by minimizing the risk. Our platform also gives additional time to the financial advisors for future planning and execution.

  • Forex Brokers

    Forex Brokers!

    Forex Brokers are an essential pillar of the trading system and are always looking to provide better trading services. At Fxdatapanel, we offer a comprehensive white-label solution for the FX brokers to use our signal service with their branding. The "FXDatapanel white label" is a fully scalable business solution. It enables the Forex Brokers to provide reliable trade signal service that will help retain the existing traders and attract new Forex traders in the highly competitive brokerage industry. Forex Brokers can integrate Fxdatapanel with their platforms or simply use the reporting feature to generate signals and convert them into pdf for sharing with the clients via emails or SMS. In addition, the FXDatapanel white label solution allows the brokers to offer a self-registration system to their clients for a paid or free trade signal service.