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Fxdatapanel platform is developed to serve every market segment. Individual traders can create the signals without relying on anyone, while corporate clients such as Forex brokers, financial advisors, and portfolio managers require a lot more than just the trade signals. They must regularly update their clients and provide various performance and trade signals reports. However, this is not an easy task and requires lots of effort. It first requires extensive market analysis to find appropriate trading opportunities and then create and share the reports with the clients. It's a long and tedious process requiring a lot of time.

So to counter all these issues, we have added the signals report feature in the Fxdatapanel platform that allows creating signals reports in a matter of minutes without performing any research.

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signals report

Corporate clients can create separate signals reports based on their client's requirements. For example, they can create different reports for straight, Grid, and long-term trade signals. They can even generate separate reports for commodities, Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. These reports can then be shared with the users based on their preferences. The white-label solution empowers the corporate clients to add their branding by inserting their logo, website, and contact details in the signals report. The signals report feature is convenient for corporate clients to provide distinguished services and meet the ever-growing demands of their user base.