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Straight Trade Signals

Fxdatapanel is all about trade signals and offers a variety of live trade signals. The straight signals are just another type; if you are wondering what trade signals are, you have come to the right place. In contrast to FXDatapanel grid signals, the straight signals contain just one trade recommendation. The platform provides an entry-level, take profit and stop-loss. These signals are ideal for benefiting from an immediately available market opportunity. The Fxdatapanel platform aims to empower the traders to generate the best trade signals without relying on someone else.

personalized trade signal

Personalized Trade Signal!

FXDatapanel has two different parameters to generate custom trade signals.

1- Signal timeframe
2- Signal strength level

You can generate custom trade signals on multiple timeframes ranging from 1-hour to one month.

You can set the signal strength to normal, average, and strong. 

If you set the signal strength level to strong, you will have fewer trade signals because the platform will perform strict criteria to generate the signals. Likewise, if you set the signal strength level to average or normal, you will have more signals because the platform will perform fewer checks to generate the signals.

multi asset trade signals

Multi-Asset Trade Signals!

You can generate multi-asset latest trade signals, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, spot gold, crude oil and other commodities trade signals. The platform uses eight proven and tested Forex trading strategies for that. These strategies do not just include the technical side but also consider the fundamental aspects of the market. We have spent years perfecting our trade signal service using these trading strategies and integrating them into the platform. Our only aim is to provide trade signals with the highest success rate.


Trade Signals For Multiple Timeframes!

You can generate trade signals for multiple timeframes, including day trade signals, swing trade signals, monthly trade signals, etc. Our FX trade signals success rate is well above 75%, while the gold trade signals success rate is 78%. Finally, the indices trade signals success rate is 75%. We use our proprietary algorithm for risk management and proven trading strategies to scan for market opportunities and achieve the highest success rate. Our trade signals service will amplify your profits under any market conditions.