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Fxdatapanel is a signals platform and is entirely different from others. Using the platform, traders can generate their own trade signals based on their requirements, such as signal strength level, risk appetite, timeframe, and several other features.

We have developed our own highly successful trading strategies, including fundamental and technical analyses combined with various risk management approaches.

You can generate trade signals for all Major Currency pairs, crosses, indices, and commodities, including Gold and Silver.

Grid signals are a set of four trades with four different entry levels & take profits along with a combined stop-loss. In contrast, straight signals contain only one trade with entry, exit, and take profit levels.

You can generate trade signals on various timeframes ranging from 1 hour to 1 month.

Unlike other lot size calculators, the Fxdatapanel lot size calculator considers the instrument volatility and uses various risk management strategies to calculate the lot size.

The signal strength level option defines the signal generation criteria using average, normal, and strong modes. The average and normal strength levels generate signals using less strict criteria than the strong strength level.

Currency, this feature is not available. We are working on it, and the copy feature will be available soon.

Currently, Fxdatapanel is only available as a web app. However, we have a stand-alone Forex signals app named FXeinstein. It is available on both Android and IOS stores.

The smart report feature allows you to create a comprehensive technical and fundamental report of any instrument with just one click.

Signals report allows you to add any number of signals and download it in a pdf format.

You cannot distribute trade signals to end users unless you have signed up for a broker's plan.

Only the subscribers with the fund manager and brokers plan can add their logo to the signals report?

Yes! We offer a white-label solution.

Yes! We offer a ten days Free Trial.