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Introduction to FXDataPanel Trade Signals Platform

Fxdatapanel03 Aug 2022FX Signal Guide

Introduction to FXDataPanel Trade Signals Platform

FXDataPanel is a dedicated platform for generating personalized trade signals. It is an entirely new idea, and no one has introduced it before. We have developed the signals platform to help traders and challenge traditional signal providers. Their service is supposed to reduce your workload and help you to sail smoothly in rough market conditions. But as a matter of fact, it never happens. When you sign up with a traditional signals provider, you barely get a trade signal for your desired instrument. You don’t even get the trade signals for your expected timeframe. You get only a standard set of trade levels that never produce results.

We wanted to end this and allow traders to generate trade signals based on their requirements effortlessly. Using the FXDataPanel platform, you are not dependent on anyone, and you can generate trading signals for any instrument and for any timeframe you want to trade. You can define your parameters, set the signal strength level, and match a trading signal across multiple timeframes. You can generate trade signals for Forex, Indices, Spot Gold, CFD Crude oil, etc.

Unique Features of the FXDataPanel Platform

  1. Ability To Generate Trade Signals according to your requirements
  2. Define Signal Strength Level
  3. Match a Trade Signal Accros Multiple Timeframe
  4. Grid Trade Signals
  5. Long-Term Trade Signals
  6. Short-Term Trade Signals
  7. Lot Size Calculator

Trade Signals For Everyone

The FXDataPanel trade signals platform fulfills the needs of individual traders and institutional investors. Using the FXDataPanel signals platform, you can generate three types of trade signals: Gird Signals, Straight Signals, and Long Term Signals.

It’s straightforward to generate trade signals. Once you log in to the platform, you will be taken to the dashboard. You can use the left toolbar from the dashboard screen to access all the features. Underneath the dashboard link, you have the market watch list. You can add any number of symbols to the market watch list and start generating the Forex, indices, and commodities trade signals.

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How To Generate Trade Signal?

You can generate trade signals from the signal tabs located underneath the market watch link. Using the first tab, you can generate Grid signals. Grid Signals are a set of four trades with separate entries that take profit levels and have a combined stop loss. The grid signals are ideal for benefiting from a trending market.

From the next tab, you can generate straight signals. In contrast to Grid signals, the straight signals contain an entry, take profit, and stop-loss levels for only one trade. The straight signals are ideal if you do not want to take multiple trades and benefit from the available opportunity in the market.

Using the third tab, you can create long-term trade signals. As the name implies, these signals are for holding the trade over a relatively long period.

Set your requirements to Generate the Trade Signals!

You can generate the trade signals using your desired timeframe, strength level, and several other options. These options allow you to have trade signals according to your requirements, and this is precisely where the power of the FXDataPanel signals platform comes into play. We wanted to give you control and end your dependency on traditional signal providers.

The FXDataPanel also has a signals report feature and a lot size calculator. The signals report is a valuable feature for brokers and corporate clients. They can easily add the signals, generate a PDF report, and share it with their client.

The lot size calculator is for money management. You will not find is this option anywhere else. The FXDataPanel lot size calculator lets you calculate the trade size based on the instrument volatility, your equity, and your trading style.

The FXDataPanel signals platform aims to empower traders to generate personalized trade signals and achieve the highest possible success rate. Do not forget to sign up for a free, fully functioning demo account.

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